This story is absolutely incredible and fascinating to read.

The Helena Independent Record released a story about how three Yellowstone bison just started their long journey to an Alaska island. The journey is called Operation Buffalo Wings.

The former Yellowstone bison are being sent to Sitkalidak Island which houses the Alutiiq Tribe and their herd of 70 bison. The reason why they need the bison bulls is to ensure the herd's genetic diversity. The bison were bought through the Inter Tribal Buffalo Council.

The bison are essentially being air shipped through Fed Ex and the cost of shipping one bison is pretty expensive. About $9,000 to be exact from Seattle to Anchorage. They are getting helped from the Alaska Zoo.

The bison bulls have been held in quarantine near the Fort Peck Reservation for months to make sure they aren't carrying any diseases and for vaccinations.

First the bison will be road tripping in specially built shipping containers to Seattle, then they will be flown to Anchorage, where then they will be loaded onto trucks to be sent to Homer, Alaska. Then after that they will have a seven hour boat journey to Sitkalidak Island for their final arrival and new home.

Just reading about this process and entire journey is absolutely incredible. There are so many folks that are lending their minds and hands to make sure these beautiful animals make it to their new home in Alaska and enjoy their new life.

For more details on the bison's journey to Alaska, check out the Helena Independent Record. 

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