How has your sleep been the past few nights?

Have you suddenly hit a period where you have not been getting a solid night, waking up every few minuets?

You're not alone.

Everyone that I spoke to at work has been having the same problem.

Since I have a state wide radio show with Wake Up Wyoming I decided to ask the people out there.

It turns out that all over Wyoming the people of Wyoming were having trouble sleeping, and all on the same nights.


I am not a scientist and I do not pretend to be one on the radio.

So here are the worst and possible the DUMBEST answers I could come up with.

Stefano Lunardi

1). After one of the coldest and snowiest winters we have had in a few years we suddenly can't sleep without out the sound of the heater keeping the house warm.

2). It's spring, nature is awake and making noise in the middle of the night. We should not be sleeping with the window open.

3). We know that, soon, the tourist will be coming.

4). We are afraid that, this time, they might not leave.

5). The bears are out of hibernation and are up and around looking for food. Yet another reason we should not be sleeping with the window open.

6). Not sure, but somebody might have seen us drinking a BUD-LITE. We were just trying to polish off what we had already bought. This could ruin our reputation.

7). Those stupid wind turbines they keep putting up are making a lot of noise, and they plan to put more up, --- dammit.


8). The government is running some sort of experiment and Wyoming is the guinea pig, AGAIN!

9). SPACE ALIENS! - Tis the season for UFO's. Maybe they are experimenting on us in the middle of the night and they keep waking us.

10). Speaking of UFO's all know that if this turns out to be a hot summer then the PREDITOR arrives from outer space, just like in the movies. Arnold Schwarzenegger is too old to help us.

Well, those are the worst ideas I had.

Here is hopping that we all sleep well the rest of the year.

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