As the world prepares for the arrival of Santa Clause on Dec. 25, we thought Santa might enjoy a few local interests while making the trek through Wyoming.

Wyoming has lots of beautiful scenery, but what would Santa enjoy if he were to visit the Cowboy State?  We came a few and here are our top 5.

5 - Buford, WY to visit with it's one and only resident.  Wyoming can be a desolate place and when the smallest town in the world only has one occupant, Santa would be a welcome visitor.  Milk, cookies and some friendly conversation in a comfortable home on the range.

4 - Pinedale, WY for a hand-crafted brew.  Wyoming has some magnificent brewmasters and the Wind River Brewery is one of the state's best.  The only problem is that you can only get it when you visit Pinedale.

3 - The Top of Devils Tower near Hulett, WY.  Reindeer working hard on Christmas, Santa could land on the top of Devils Tower to feed and water the team without fear of violating Wyoming trespassing laws.

2 - The Mormon Handcart Museum near Alcova, WY. Christmas is a time for family and tradition, no matter where you live in the world.  Santa, within all of this tradition, would surely want to visit the Mormon Handcart Museum and pay homage to the good ol' days and the thousands of brave hard working settlers who hauled goods across country by hand. Salute!

Once Santa has finished with his Christmas chores, we thought he'd enjoy a stop here:

1 - Thermopolis for a dip at Hot Springs State Park.  Is there anything better than dipping in the magical healing waters of a Wyoming hot spring?  After the presents are delivered to all the good little boys and girls around the world, we thought jolly ol' Saint Nick would enjoy relaxing in one of Wyoming's prized features.