I love following Wyoming Instagram accounts, you can learn so much about our state, and I am often amazed at the skills many of my fellow Wyomingites possess.

Rosie McNamara lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and shared earlier this week a few pictures and a video showing a surprise visit to her children's school in Wilson, Wyoming.

My Christmas loving heart grew two sizes when I saw the pictures and video and in the hopes that it does the same for you, I thought I would share them with you.


How fun is this?!

Perhaps Santa had some extra time this year because the pandemic prevented him and the elves from going on their usual Beach vacation?

I bet that gave them lots of extra time to get those toys ready for the big day next week.

A huge thanks to Teton County Search and Rescue for giving the big guy and his elf a ride.

Can you imagine how excited the kids were to see not only a helicopter land at their school but Santa too?

What an amazing memory.

And in case you're wondering what Santa thought of the ride, according to this article from jhnewsandguide.com "Nothing compares to reindeer power and the magic of Christmas but it was a pretty smooth ride."

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