All types of Summer vacationers from all over the world are flocking to see the amazing sights that are offered in the state of Wyoming in record breaking numbers.

According to the Cowboy State Daily Yellowstone alone could break records and that's with over a million International visitors this year. When you look at the stats of visitors that come see the bison, elk, deer, bears mountains and Geysers that are offered by the world famous Yellowstone National park you see men, women, boys, girls,  even a number of dogs visiting. It's not often you hear of a house cat from Maine visiting the park, probably hoping to see their distant cousins The Bobcat or Mountain Lion.

Last year when much of the world was shut down and not flying or travelling with large crowds, there weren't many ways to check out Yellowstone from places like Maine. Some way's you could make the trip without issue was by car, truck, van or RV. Yep, the family vacations kept happening thanks to the good ol' road trip. On most occasions a family wouldn't even think of leaving their precious pets at home while they are going galivant across the country. That includes house cats!

In this video the camera person wanted to catch the excitement and facial expressions of their faithful house cat while watching the legendary Old Faithful Geyser. Unfortunately for them, the cat didn't care and never even looked toward the geyser. Toward the end of the video you'll see something grab the attention or the orange kitty. Not sure if someone mentioned lunch, had a tuna sandwich or if it saw a field mouse it wanted to become friendly with, there was a little excitement.

If nothing else, you can see the Old Faithful doing Old Faithful things!

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