Anyone who follows Trisha Yearwood, knows that this Georgia Peach can cook.  In fact she's hard at work on her third cookbook that's sure to be chock-full of her traditional, southern roots-inspired creations. 

Trisha's now becoming even more mainstream in her culinary ways by branching out into television.  She has earned a new as-of-yet untitled cooking program which will be included in the Food Network's lineup for their 2011-2012 season.

Trisha spoke with AOL's The Boot, saying, "I cooked in front of a crowd and just loved it.  I'm not very serious; as you know, and I opened it up to let people ask questions while I was cooking.  I had a great time and it was really's a chance to entertain on a different level.  Music, of course, is my first love, but I love to cook, too."  

Just writing this article is making me hungry.  What do you say to seeing Trisha Yearwood cooking on the small screen?

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