Since it's Monday and I firmly believe that you should treat yourself to at least one thing on the most despised day of the week, I decided to treat myself to a local landmark for lunch. Me and 400 other hungry souls! Let me treat you to little taste of Peaches'.

Our lone Peaches' stands on the corner of Grant and Second. Just look for the line of cars and crowded parking lot during lunch hour. I just know this place is going to be on one of those cool restaurant-featured shows. Believe it or not, this local favorite once had at least three brothers and sisters. One was out in Mills, where Full House is, besides Pacific Steel & Recycling. Another was where the Subway on CY presently resides. There was a Peaches' on East 2nd just east of the KFC/Long John Silvers. KFC had moved into a building that Peaches' had vacated. A few years later, it was gutted by a fire and was rebuilt in its present spot. And I can't be quite sure, but I think there might have been one more. Maybe you remember.


Peaches facade

A little more history...back in the '70s, Peaches' was called the Red Barn. Need more proof? Look at the building closely. You'll see it's shaped like a barn, and at one time, yes, it was painted red. I was pretty young at the time that the name flip went down, but I remember being a little disappointed with the new moniker. I think it had something to do with new ownership and previous rights, but I've always wanted to know why they did it and why the name "Peaches'?" Especially for a place that was once famous for its fried chicken. So, I asked. I was told that it all revolved around the fact that their food was made to be "as fresh as a Georgia peach." Makes perfect sense. That's the only way they've served it up for all these years. 


Peaches meal before
Peaches meal after

The hottest things on the menu these days? Without question, the Rancher. Even more without question, the Bacon Rancher. These are big, dripping, delicious burgers. I'm not exaggerating. Don't miss out on the chicken strips, based on Peaches legendary recipe, and their fries. And if you don't include the ranch dressing, you should be dressed down. You wouldn't believe how it compliments. They used to have awesome turnovers, but have had to take a more economical route with cherry pies, instead. They make a mean shake, too! 

I just described my whole meal. Take that hunger! 

If you haven road tested Peaches', yet, I highly recommend that you do. If you have, back off, because I'm tired of competing with all of you at noon. I'll tell you what,'s worth the wait.