I'm a big fan of the scroll on by tactic when I see something on Twitter that makes no sense.

But, when I came across a recent Tweet about Yellowstone, I found myself loudly stating how some people shouldn't be allowed on the internet.

According to a Tweet on the account "Nature and Science" @InterestingSci the Yellowstone Supervolcano has erupted. They shared a video of hot lava and labeled it "Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming." and of course people are retweeting it.

This right here folks is an example of why you shouldn't believe everything you see on the internet.

I decided it wasn't even worth my time to try and correct this "science" Twitter account in a comment.

The fact that I am alive and able to type this is the first example (of many) showing how I know that the Yellowstone Supervolcano hasn't really exploded.

When If the Yellowstone Supervolcano does explode, everyone in Wyoming knows that we will be ash in about .0004 seconds.

But hey, at least this has given us something fun to chat about ;)

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