Here's a fishing pro tip. If you're gonna go fishing, go where the bald eagles aren't. Two fisherman learned this the hard way as they were bested by bald eagles also looking for food.

This happened a few days ago based on the date mentioned in the video description. Two guys were out for a relaxed day of fishing. Two bald eagles were also nearby and this happened.

I'm not just saying this because it's so very American, but bald eagles are amazing. If you fish in the same spot where a bald eagle is looking for food, you will lose. The Wikipedia page for bald eagles indicates that our national bird can hit speeds between 75 and 99 mph when they're diving for fish. Translation? They see a bird they want and the strike like lightning.

Since bald eagles are expert fishermen, salmon are definitely on their preferred menu. The BBC shared incredible slow-motion video of an eagle making his catch.

This reminds me of a special Wyoming moment a few years ago when a very alert photographer captured video of a bald

A few years ago, we reported on the Wyoming bald eagle population being down. Let's hope we never lose the glorious animals in our part of America cause there's nothing quite as America as a bald eagle.

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