In the midst of the current crisis, we're learning of many good deeds that Good Samaritans are doing. That includes one Utah teen who is delivering toilet paper to her neighbors with a unique twist.

This happened in Sandy, Utah. Charmin would be proud.

This young girl's mom described why her daughter is doing this:

We knew some people who could either use toilet paper or a good cheer and we figured the Charmin Bear was a perfect thing to conquer both tasks. My daughter has a few conditions that leave her with compromised immune system. I felt she was safe in the costume because she he face and hands were completely covered. She knows that many including herself are having a hard time staying at a social distance so she thought she would help spread some happiness and positivity.

Gotta love the heart of this teen who is helping her neighbors with the always vital toilet paper supply and maybe even more importantly a big laugh at a time when we all need it. Well played.

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