I love video games and Wyoming so what I've discovered is really sweet. There is a video game that has Wyoming in it. BONUS: you can play it free all weekend.

The game I'm talking about is relatively new. It's The Crew 2 and features many racing events that cover the entire country including Wyoming. You can play it on your XBox One, PS4 or your high-end PC. (PRO TIP: look in the game demo area of the Microsoft and Sony store to find the game trial)

As you can see in the video above, a good section of Wyoming is included including a fun drive through a fictional Jackson (including Town Square) and Yellowstone National Park. But, if you look at the map, you'll notice that Casper is nowhere to be found. Darn.

The Crew 2 is published by Ubisoft and they announced that the game is available to play for free now through 9 pm on December 17 on XBox and PS4 and through December 16 on PC through Steam.

There you go. Drive sports cars, planes, motorcycles and just about everything else you can imagine all over Wyoming and the rest of the US for FREE. You are welcome.

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