Scary Bear Attacks is an incredibly popular YouTube Channel, with over 20,000 followers.

The creator describes the channel as "A video presentation of some of the most harrowing and dangerous encounters with the world's largest land predator."

Each video uses public knowledge like forensic reports, news stories, and edited stock film and photographs to tell the story of a bear attack.

While the descriptions can be gruesome, the videos themselves are not graphic.

I also appreciate that the channel specifically asks the viewers to be respectful of the family and friends of the victims that are featured on the channel.

While the video telling the story of John Wallace is not the most recently posted one, it was only 5 days old at the time I wrote this article.

The story of John Wallace's death after being mauled by a Yellowstone Grizzly is almost a decade old, and you can find more details here.

John Wallace was 59 and a self-proclaimed "Grizzly Bear Expert" who decided to hike alone and without Bear Spray along a Yellowstone Trail.

The trail had been marked as being located in bear country, and according to reports Wallace was also warned in person by Yellowstone staff of the risk of hiking in that area.

While the timeline is a bit muddled, his body was found a day after he set out for his hike by a female hiker and her father.

The details of the mauling based on forensic evidence found at the scene can be heard in the video.

As the video states the Sow Grizzly that killed Wallace was eventually euthanized.

My main takeaway from this video was yet another reminder of how dangerous Grizzly Bears can be.

Wallace admittedly did not follow the advice of the park experts, but even if he HAD a can of bear spray and a hiking buddy there is no guarantee that the same outcome wouldn't still have occurred.

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