When most people think about visiting Yellowstone National Park, they imagine a summer vacation. Locals in Wyoming know that the real time when the park gets special is this time of year. A new video shows what hiking the backcountry of Yellowstone is like in winter.

Let me get this out of the way right now. I realize it's not technically winter yet. That's December 21. I get it. But, the point of sharing this video is what it's like to experience Yellowstone when the crowds are gone.

Stan Mills is an experienced outdoorsman who has shared some incredible Yellowstone videos. He's very aware of bears, wolves and the other wildlife that call Yellowstone home and understands how to safely coexist in that environment. Here's his brand new video showing "quiet time" in the park.

Stan starts in the Indian Creek Campground area and works his way deeper into the park from there. He encounters many deer and other wildlife on his trek. He even captured some great footage of the falls in Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Most will never see what the falls are like during cold weather.

You'll notice later in his video that he sees some bear and wolf tracks also. Gotta love the wildness of Yellowstone when the tourists are not hanging around.

Stan Mills is a must-follow on YouTube if you love Yellowstone. His encounters with grizzlies are classic.

For more info on adventuring in Yellowstone this time of year including what roads and trails are accessible, check the official National Park Service website.

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