I have two labs a lot like these two seen in the video one is black (aptly named Coal) and the other is yellow (aptly named Cab)  even if I didn't own labs myself, or any dogs at all for that matter, this video would still bring tears to my eyes.  This video is not only heart breaking because of the fact that one of the dogs is fatally injured, but the fact that no one even cares enough to stop and help the animals breaks my heart.  This happened in California, and as you'll see, in the short video at least 8 cars drive by without even slowing down.

This Black Lab braved traffic to stay by a Yellow Lab that was fatally struck by a car and as been hailed for its loyalty.

Apparently, a concerned motorist who saw the dogs on a La Puente street in Los Angeles, California, on Wednesday morning put down traffic cones to alert other drivers and shot a video of the dogs.

The footage released on Saturday showed the female Labrador lying next to a motionless, yellow Labrador as vehicles pass dangerously close to them.

Blood can be seen around the injured dog's head while the Labrador waits by its side

Animal control officials responded to the scene and took the frightened but unharmed dog to a shelter.

The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control (DACC) said the two-year-old dog,  appears to have been well cared for.

Since this video went viral, and 5 days later, the owners of the black lab have since come forward and Maggie has been reunited with her owners.