I fully expect this video will cause wives everywhere to shake their heads in disbelief or maybe the opposite of that. This wife freaked out when her husband decided to mess with a rattlesnake on his motorcycle near Wyoming's Devil's Tower.

Princess Prissy Pants (possibly the best YouTube name ever) shared this gem this week. She and her husband were on their way to Devil's Tower when they came upon a rattlesnake in the middle of the road. Since her husband is a guy, it's in his DNA to want to stop and mess with the snake.

For me, it's her reactions that are the highlight. Here are some of my favorite wife freaking out comments by her:

  • "Oh my gawd, is that a rattlesnake? Oh, my gawd!"
  • "Oh my gawd, he's gonna poke holes in your tires because he's big and bad!"
  • "If you get bit, I can't drag you to the damn hospital!"

So much to take in with this special couple. The good news is that neither they nor the rattlesnake were harmed in the making of this video as they eventually made their way around this local resident near Devil's Tower.

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