I have done a lot of fishing in my lifetime, but I've never been bow-fishing. Maybe I should learn the skills as there's new video showing a young man setting the Wyoming and world record for mirror carp.

Cowboy Bowfishing Outdoors just shared this video on YouTube. I believe this young guy's name is Luke Tschetter.

I checked the Bowfishing Association of America website and confirmed that Luke is the record holder for Wyoming. His fish weighed in officially at 28 pounds 1.92 ounces. It says Luke caught his carp last August The video share mentions that Luke's catch sets the world record for juveniles. I wasn't able to confirm that part, but his fish is close to the adult world record for mirror carp of 40 pounds by Donald Walker of Ohio.

Thanks to Luke's big catch, I've learned more about mirror carp than I ever did before. Strike and Catch mentions that the difference between mirror and common carp has to do with the distribution of scales. All I know is that carp are meaner than snakes from my regular fishing experiences with them. Caught one as a kid and he finned me good (meaning "bad"). Don't think my fishing hand ever hurt as much thanks to that mean carp.

This isn't about me though. Congrats to Luke on a monster catch. You have mad fishing skills, sir. Once the winter weather breaks, must get out the fishing rod again.

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