It's truly a sight to behold when you see firefighters doing battle with a western blaze. That's definitely true of a new video showing firefighting planes in Montana.

The person who shared this video on YouTube shared details of how this happened:

The North Hills Fire started Friday, July 26th, 2019. I had been watching it from my house until I realized the bombers were going on the back side. My husband and I drove over to the North side after it has crested the North Hill. We found a spot to pull over out of the way of any firefighters, etc and my camera has a long lens.

I have to admit that I didn't appreciate the role of the spotter planes until this video reminded me. The aerial firefighting Wikiepedia page goes into detail about the types of planes that play specific roles trying to contain and eliminate forest fires in our part of America. The smaller planes that lead the way for the tankers are obviously vital.

Thanks to these brave firefighters in the air and on the ground, the Independent Record reported that Helena residents in this area were recently able to return home. True heroes.

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