After the blizzard conditions moved through our area this week, we know a thing or two about trudging through deep snow. There's a new video proving that the bison at Yellowstone have this in common with us.

According to the description, this video was shared on YouTube by a tour guide at Yellowstone who was bringing people through the Fountain Paint Pots. They saw some cow bison with a calf trying to make their way through a huge bank of snow.

The ironic part of this is the blizzards that hit our part of Wyoming this week didn't really affect Yellowstone National Park at all. But, they've had more snow than us for the past few weeks and it has really added up. The bison know this all too well.

If you remember, it was around this time last year when a group of snowmobile riders in Yellowstone captured video of a herd running down a snowy road like it was nothing. Takes a lot more than snow to stop bison.

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