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If necessity is the mother of invention then the desire to not spend too much time doing a job that totally sucks is the father.

There was a time we shovelled snow by hand. Then came the plows and the snow blowers. But what do we do after a storm as big as the one that just slowed down most of Wyoming and Colorado?


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In the video below you'll see machines from several different countries that are designed to gather snow from all the different ways that snow gathers.

Is the problem a high drift? Is the snow gathered out long and wide on a multi-lane highway? Is there a lot of snow in a tight neighborhood and nowhere to put it?

Then we have to think of what kind of snow. Fluffy? Dry? Wet? Slushy?

There is so much to consider that designers know they can't just stick a shovel on the front of a truck, like the old days.

Besides, boys and men like to play with trucks and they like to play with snow. This is a chance for them to be creative.

But as much fun as it is to design these things, imagine how much fun it is to drive them.

Enjoy these 2 videos I found, below, of EPIC SNOW REMOVAL MACHINES! I love writing it in all caps like that.

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