Maybe I'm the only one, but I didn't know there was a crystal cave on Casper Mountain. Did you? There's a video that's just been shared that makes that claim.

This video landed on YouTube with this very simple description:

This was from last spring when I went up to the Casper mountain with a few friends in search of the Crystal cave

Before you watch this video, be warned there is some very NSFW language. We're talking saucy uses of words that I haven't heard since my dad nearly knocked his thumb off with a hammer.

I've never heard of a crystal cave on Casper Mountain. I've asked some of my more outdoorsy active friends and they haven't heard of it either. I've heard of Casper Mountain Cave. Map My Hike has plenty of info on that, but no mention of crystals. Strange.

Do you know what this guy is referring to? Should I grab my pick ax and go crystal hunting? I'm game if you are.

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