All of my kids, but especially the boys love the "Who Would Win" Scholastic Book Series.

In each book, they have two animals "battle it out" and using facts about the animals decide at that end who would win if they fought in real life.

My kids love guessing at the beginning what animal they think will win, and we all enjoy seeing if we were right or not.

When I came across this video of a Bull battling Sasquatch, this book series immediately came to mind.

If there was an epic battle of a Bull Vs. Sasquatch, who would win?

The Bull obviously has pure brute strength going for him, but Sasquatch would have speed and intelligence.

My bet would be on Sasquatch winning, though maybe having a few scratches and bruises.

Take a look at this video and see if my guess was right.


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Well, per usual it looks like I was wrong.

That Bull destroyed Sasquatch, in just a few minutes too.

I thought it was hilarious that he went right for the cutout, and there wasn't really any particular reason that I saw for the Bull to be so angry.

I guess what the caption said is right, that's why there aren't any Sasquatch sightings in Oaklahoma.

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