There is a new video share that shows a tense confrontation when Casper police responded to a call of a reported shooting. That moment was captured during a live YouTube feed of a Casper man's home.

As we previously reported, Casper police arrived at the 600 Block of South Center Street at 2:50 p.m on Friday after someone had called in regarding an alleged shooter. This occurred at the home of a Casper man who's YouTube channel is called KingCobraFS. According to his channel description, he's a music fan that plays and composes his own music and sometimes does cover songs.

After police determined there was no actual threat, he was released and then shared what happened from his perspective. He was "swatted" which is a disturbing internet trend where someone calls in a fake threat to the police about someone who is in an online game or in a video live stream so they are interrupted by armed police investigating what they believe could be someone posing a threat. (NOTE: strong NSFW language in this video)

Swatting led to the death of a Wichita man in 2017 when police there responded to a call by a Los Angeles man who lost a $1.50 bet while playing Call of Duty, as Wikipedia chronicles.

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