Those of us that have lived in Wyoming for a year or more know that it's always wise to expect the unexpected when it comes to weather.

I've seen snow every single month of the year in my 21 years of living here.

But, tourists often aren't aware that "Summer" in Wyoming can still mean temperatures below freezing and snow.

The BKXC YouTube channel belongs to a mountain biker who is currently working on a "50 State Shred" which means traveling to all 50 states and riding his Mountain Bike on at least one trail.

In the video below he is in Wyoming and headed out to ride his bike on a trail outside of Jackson Hole.

In the intro to the video he mentions that he wasn't exactly prepared for snow and freezing temps, but he won't let it keep him from his goals.

He runs into many downed trees and more snow than he anticipated, but you can tell he's totally loving the ride.

He also sees some Wyoming wildlife, including a Bull Moose off to the side of the trail.

An unexpected thing that I learned from this video was that avid Mountain Bikers use their trail apps on their phones to mark fallen trees or other dangers on the trails. It's an awesome way to take care of their fellow bikers and prevent injuries.

While I am definitely not brave enough to tackle this hobby, I love to see other people enjoying all that Wyoming has to offer and spreading the word about our beautiful state.

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