If you're looking for something to do this weekend, here's an idea. How about catching some sweet air off some jumps while mountain biking around Casper and Glenrock just like this new video shows?

Casper's Peter Lecuyer shared this video on YouTube this week of his adventures around Casper and Glenrock. I had never seen the Glenrock route before and was inspired to look it up. According to Trailforks, it's actually south of Glenrock located near here.

Google Maps
Google Maps

If the Trailforks ratings are to be believed, this is a very highly-rated route as the 6th best mountain bike trail in Wyoming and covers around 5 miles with a descent of just over 700 feet.

Thanks to Peter for the share. Maybe with the warm weather this weekend, it would be a prime time to get the bike out and do some exploring.

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