You don't see this everyday. As a matter of fact, it's likely that you'll never see this in your lifetime. But, there is new video of a one in a million albino moose crossing a roadway.

A husband and wife were driving down the highway when the wife spotted something unusual coming out of the tree line and headed toward the highway. This is what she captured.

Here's how she described it:

We were driving west on HWY 101 towards Foleyet on a beautiful morning on our way to pick our granddaughter up. My husband and I were very lucky to see this bull albino moose.

Highway 101 is a rural highway near Ontario, Canada.

Canadian Geographic asked the question of how rare it is to see an albino moose. It's rated as literally a one in a million chance. Another albino moose was shot in Canada back in 2013 by out of country visitors which is even rarer.

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