It's that time of year, the Antelope are migrating across the state of Wyoming and headed to greener pastures.

Many are returning to their Spring and Summer grazing areas so they can prepare to give birth and fatten up for the Winter.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has been keeping an eye on Wyoming's herds and recorded three Antelope swimming across The Green River outside of Pinedale, Wyoming.

Crossing rivers are a normal part of migration for Wyoming's Pronghorn Antelope, and the Spring thaw can make it torturous.

These Antelope start out simply walking across the river, but at about the midpoint of the video, it's obvious that the water is too deep for this tactic.

So, the Antelope begin to swim.

It's obvious that there is a strong current, and I can only imagine how cold the water is, but the Antelope seem to take it all in stride.

I can't believe how calm they are.

They simply swim across with nary a splash looking around and taking in the gorgeous Spring views.

Then the Antelope hop onto the bank and with a shake of their tails, they are on their way.

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