Since the weather has finally seen fit to bless us with some much needed moisture by way of snow, it seems the perfect time to reiterate the importance of clearing snow off of your vehicle.

The video below isn't a new one. It's from back in December 2017 and shows Detroit meteorologist, Derek Kerva, sarcastically breaking down how easy it is to wipe the snow and ice of a car. While not new, it does seem fitting after seeing some of our local resident's cars and trucks the last few days.

It seems like a very simple task, but every time it snows here in Casper (or anywhere throughout the state of Wyoming really), people forget the importance of it.

For one, in the Cowboy State, it is the law that your windshield not be obstructed, which includes by ice and snow. Click here for a more complete breakdown of the law.

Lawful or not, clearing snow off your vehicle before driving is polite consideration. Personally, nothing grinds my gars more than getting snow blown on my windshield, obstructing my view, while I'm driving, especially during adverse weather conditions.

Please folks, take the time to clean the snow off your vehicles, for your own safety as well as everyone else's too.

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