You don't have to travel far to see really great Christmas displays. There's one in Mills that you'll want to check out with your windows down as the lights are set to Thomas Rhett's song "Be a Light".

Thanks a million to Tina Prill for sending us this video showing their Christmas display this year with different music to inspire all of us that continue to live life in the middle of a pandemic. It's Thomas Rhett's "Be a Light".

Tina let us know that their display is located at 957 Discovery St in Mills. If you're new to the area, that's located approximately here.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

For reference, here's the lyric video for "Be a Light" that Thomas Rhett shared near the beginning of the lockdown in March.

Thanks again to Tina for the inspirational share. Her home is a highly recommended drive by if you'd like to experience some Christmas inspiration.

By the way, the Swanson family also has an elaborate Christmas display you can check out while you're driving around the area.

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