By now you've likely seen a lot of videos of the tornado that hit northern Colorado on June 7. But, I bet you've not seen it from this perspective. A brand new video share shows that twister as seen by a passenger on a plane.

The National Weather Service is reporting that the tornado that hit near Firestone and Platteville, Colorado on June 7 was an EF-1 twister that was on the ground for around 7 miles and was about 50 yards wide.

A passenger on a plane taking off from Denver International shared this harrowing story of what happened:

Plane taking off from Denver airport. Felt the plane shaking, looked over, and saw a tornado forming!

Here's the video they took with their phone through the plane window:

The National Weather Service first reported this storm as a land spout before issuing a tornado warning. They also reported damage to several buildings and sheds and also property along highway 66 and Weld County Road 21.

For many, plane travel can be a nerve-racking experience. Add a tornado outside of your window to the mix and you can bet a few people will consider taking the train next time.

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