In case you're not sure, the definition of Touron in the Urban Dictionary is:

The derogatory term combines the words "Tourist" with "Moron" to describe any person who, while on vacation, commits an act of pure stupidity.

The term has its roots in the resort, park service and service industries and can easily be dated back at least as far as the mid 1970's. It is widely used throughout the US, but may not be in general use by mainstream society

We've said it before and we'll continue saying it...when tourist come into Wyoming, they should have to stop at the Wyoming Welcome Center to watch a safety video and sign a waiver that they agree NOT to mess with the wildlife.

Welcome Center
Electra Fox via YouTube

We all know that will never happen and people will never really learn they could be severely injured or killed by Wyoming's wildlife.

You've seen the pictures and videos of Tourons petting the fluffy cows, taking selfies with elk or not moving for bears.

Ron White said it best...

Ron White Stupid
imdb/ Parallel Entertainment

When visiting places like Yellowstone, where these large animals are present in most parts of the park, it's important to know what phase of the year they're in. In the springtime, bears are waking up and hungry. In the summer time the bison are in rut. In the fall, the bears are eating to get ready for bed and the elk are looking for love.

When animals are looking for a mate, or rut, their hormones are off the charts and they're trying to blow off steam. If you mess with them, you better hope you're faster than the person standing next to you.

These Instagram posts from Busywild, show exactly what can happen.

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