One nice thing about being a moose is you can pretty much do what you want. This means if you find a highway you like, you can just kinda take over which is exactly what two moose did recently to the dismay of a waiting driver.

For us Wyoming folk, we know what's going on here. The driver who came upon these two moose in Maine didn't seem to get it.

Yes, this is what happens when crews put salt on the road.

There's a reason why Wyoming has a town named Moose. Matter of fact, here's a young moose that was spotted just off of Moose Road in Moose, Wyoming. Yes, that's a lot of moose.

If you're a moose, you have to take advantage of any quiet grazing moments you can since you never know when your day is gonna get interrupted by a grizzly.

Glad the driver above was able to chill out and allow the moose their space. If a moose wants to park him or herself in the middle of a road and enjoy a salty moment, they should be allowed to.

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