Wyoming blogger Jill Winger of ThePrairieHomestead.com has just published her first ever cookbook and the recipes are sure to make your Wyoming heart (and stomach) happy!

With recipes like Old Homestead Pie, Sourdough Flapjacks, Roasted Peaches and Cream, and my favorite Green Chile Cornbread, Winger's cookbook has all the flavor and ingredients you would expect from a Wyoming Homesteader!

Winger lives outside of Chugwater, Wyoming with her husband and three children, you can learn more about her and find hundreds of recipes by following this link.

In The Prairie Homestead Cookbook, Winger takes you on a culinary journey showing you how to create simple, handmade recipes on a budget, just like she does on her homestead, so you can get a taste of the old-fashioned lifestyle in your own kitchen - no matter where you live!

Used With Permission Flatiron Books
Used With Permission Flatiron Books

Choose from over 100 farm and family favorite recipes, made-from-scratch pantry staples, modern homestead skills, advice on growing your own food, and hundreds of colorful photos - all in a gorgeous hardcover book that you can pass down for generations (a digital version is available, too).

This book is steadily climbing the charts on Amazon and the last time I looked was the number one new release in the American Midwest Cooking category!

Watch our Instagram feed this weekend to see some pictures of recipes we've made from the book!

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