I love the springtime.  The weather allows me to ditch the heavy coat for the next six or seven months, and I get to sport my favorite light jacket.  I also love lunch.  A great meal to break up my day is always welcome.  Now that lunch and jackets have been combined, I'm slightly worried that I have died and gone to heaven.

Ok, so this is not a legitimate product on the market.  It is merely a creative invention by the woman in the picture, which I have only been able to identity her as "Diane."  This photo of Diane was posted on Tumblr by her friend.  She has inventively crafted many Ziplock bags to form a functioning jacket capable of carrying her lunch.  I'm sure the jacket provides little warmth or protection, and probably warms her lunch due to the closeness of her warm skin.  However, this does not make this any less fun to look at.  Let's hope that she does not snag the jacket on anything sharp.  She would lose her lunch and her jacket in one tragic swoop.

Would you wear your lunch if you could?

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