It was bound to happen sooner or later.  A California company is ramping up production of marijuana infused wine.

California will be the next state to legalize recreational marijuana and fans of the herb are excited to see what culinary fare will follow.

The marijuana industry is anticipating a huge culinary leap forward as California will legalize recreational marijuana starting on Monday, Jan. 1st, 2018.

Wine infused with THC is already in production and is expected to sell out quickly once the state's recreational marijuana use becomes legal on Monday.  But it won't stop there, wine and edibles are about to be joined by lots of foodie cousins according to culinary experts.

California has long been a trend setting state and when it comes to culinary delights infused with THC, the legalization is anticipated to revolutionize the THC food industry.  Move over 'pot brownies' as investors are banking on weed parings in everything from entrees and deserts to beverages.

California will join Alaska, Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington State and Washington D.C., as places where recreational marijuana has been legalized.  Maine residents had voted for a recreational marijuana amendment in the last election, only to have Maine Governor Paul LePage Veto the bill once it landed on his desk.

With the addition of recreational marijuana in California, it will interesting to watch as the state of California, the counties and cities try to work out details on regulating the explosive industry.  In addition, it will be just as interesting to see what new creations evolve.

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