Have you ever had one of those moments where you don't quite understand what you're seeing? This is one of those for me. A Seattle website is recommending that everyone come to Casper.

The website is Seattle Refined. They just shared an article entitled "Guess What? Casper, WY Should Be Your Next Weekend Getaway". The writer's name is Gena Wynkoop. According to her story, she was recently invited to Casper and was blown away by the experience.

Gena was very impressed by the Casper downtown area and rattled off a bunch of our favorite places to eat. She also bragged about Casper's art scene and enjoyed watching all the country dancing at The Beacon.

It's pretty obvious that Gena enjoys the outdoors as her story talked a lot about how great Casper Mountain and Hogadon are and what great fly fishing we have here. She's not wrong.

This was my favorite quote in her story.

Those Wyomingites (??) kept telling me that Casper is the best kept secret in the U.S. and I kind of have to agree with them on this one!

What can I say? We are great. Humble brag. If you want to know why Seattle loves us so much, check out Gena's full article. Good stuff.

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