We all have a traffic light or intersection on our daily routes around town that drive us crazy.  Whether it takes forever to change, doesn't stay green for more than a couple cars to go through, or maybe you feel a light is needed/not needed at all?   We want to hear from you!  I'll start it off with a couple of my least favorite and you can comment below with yours!


1.  Light needed at the new intersection of Robertson Rd. & HWY 287 ( I would add that the speed limit could be reduced to 40 through that area as well).

2.  CY & WY Blvd.  This light doesn't stay green long enough for more than about two cars to make it through if you are on WY. Blvd headed East.

3.  East 2nd Street & Blackmore.  This light takes forever to change if you are on Blackmore trying to get out to 2nd St.  Maybe this should be a Stop Sign instead?  I've sat through the light for at least 5 minutes and no one is coming from either direction on 2nd St.!

What would you add to the list?

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