A crazy prediction?  Or could the end really be near for Wyoming and 20 other states in the United States?

A woman recently made a prediction that the supervolcano underneath Yellowstone National Park in Northwest Wyoming will erupt on the same day as the pending total solar eclipse - on August 21st, 2017.

Scientists will admit that their ability to anticipate or predict volcano eruptions is a long way from being accurate.  But they have been able to closely associate earthquake and geothermal activity with volcanic activity in a few geographic regions.

The one thing that all scientist agree upon is that the molten caldera that sits a few miles under Yellowstone National Park could erupt at anytime.  Although there are varying degrees of volcanic activity possibilities ranging from toxic gas and lava flow to a full blown eruption causing a global event.

Scientists believe that monitor activity such as earthquakes and smaller eruptions would precede a major eruption, but the later has happened before with little to no warning for people near by.

For more info on what could happen if the supervolcano under Yellowstone National Park and the possible fallout from such an event - click here.

Click Here to hear the interview and prediction from the Wyoming woman who thinks we're all done for...


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