What if we had to change the name of Casper to Caspar. If you are not familiar with the story of how the town of Casper got its name, it was a typo when the army renamed the Platte River Station to honor the late Lieutenant Caspar Collins. Now pretend that some crazy group petitions to correct the misspelled name. It would be an expensive correction to make.

We would have to change every "E" to an "A" on all signs. Nearly every business would have to print new business cards, plus anything with their address on it. Websites would have to be updated.

Think of all the government documents that would need to change on both the state and federal level. Not to mention having to change every driver's licenses and birth certificates.

There would be a few positive things like we would no longer be associated with the friendly ghost. The downside would be a huge cost. It would hurt businesses. It would cause the local government to tax the people. Frankly, it would be a terrible idea. Instead, we just get the fun fact about the origin of the name of Casper. Thankfully, no one wants to change the name.