There is a new survey out that asked people to unveil the strangest Christmas gift they'd ever gotten from a coworker. Here are some of the weirdest presents on the list - my favorite is #4.

1. A box of Hot Pockets.

2. A chess piece . . . just one piece, not a set.

3. A fire extinguisher.

4. A coupon for a free lawn game the coworker had invented.

5. A turquoise leather vest.

6. A Ziploc bag with coffee, enough to make about one pot.

7. A "Gun of the Day" calendar.

8. A Christmas ornament with photos of the coworker and his wife on it.

About 20% of people say that they are planning on buying gifts for coworkers and their bosses this year and 75% of those say that they will spend less than $25 on their office gifts.

Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer