In case you haven't heard, Russian TV listed a map of potential US targets in the event of a nuclear war this week. That made me wonder what might happen to Casper if this ever happened. This is what I learned.

Reuters shared a chilling description of what was shared on Russian TV a few days ago. It listed a number of US cities that would be targeted by Russian nukes in the event of a conflict. As you might imagine, there were some prominent US military bases in the list. But, what could possibly happen to Casper if a nuclear war started? From what I've discovered, FEMA has already thought about that possibility.

There's a website that lists nuclear threats in Wyoming. I can't trace it back to the original source, but they include what they believe are threat maps of what the Russians might target in Wyoming. If this is correct, FEMA estimates that Casper would face 50% or more casualties based on where a missile might be directed.

It's worth noting that many of the FEMA documents were created in the early 90's when the Cold War was still very much a thing.

What kind of scenario would Casper be targeted directly? According to this map based on information from FEMA, we would be directly affected by a 2,000 warhead attack.

Probable Targets in the US for a Soviet Nuclear Strike [2560x1620]

Even if Casper is not targeted directly, they share what they allege is a 1990 FEMA map that shows us in the direct path of fallout from Washington state targets.

This is such a serious subject I felt it that it would be important to check multiple sites to see if they agree on what might happen to Casper. The Modern Survivalist blog agrees with the FEMA maps and shows Casper in the cross-hairs of a possible Russian attack.

Task & Purpose is more conservative in their estimates and shows only F.E. Warren Air Force Base in southeastern Wyoming as a likely first-strike target.

A map shared on Reddit that credits FEMA and the Natural Resources Defense Council also shows targets near Casper and southeastern Wyoming as being affected by a nuclear exchange.

But, why Casper? The consensus of some sites including Target List is that this area is a source of natural energy and I-25 is a major transportation crossroads.

This is that one scenario that you hope never becomes a reality. I have to admit that my perception before researching this is that Casper would be in decent shape since we're not near any big metro areas. But, it's interesting that corroborating sources seem to believe that Casper might be directly involved if a nuclear attack becomes a real-life nightmare.

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