Ty England met Garth Brooks while studying marketing at Oklahoma State University, soon the two were roommates. They performed together until failing grades forced England to move back home. He did eventually get a degree in marketing, but he worked at an automotive paint store.

By 1988, Garth had moved to Nashville, and after landing a recording contract, called England to come be his guitarist and backup vocalist. In 1995, England left Brooks' road band and signed to RCA Records Nashville. His self-titled debut album, released in late 1995, produced his first chart single in the #3 "Should've Asked Her Faster",although the album's other two singles ("Smoke in Her Eyes" and "Redneck Son") fell short of Top 40. A second album, Two Ways to Fall, followed in 1996. It produced his only other Top 40 country hit in the #22 "Irresistible You" followed by "All of the Above" at #46. After the latter, England exited RCA's roster.

In 1999, England signed to Capitol Records, the same label to which Brooks was signed at the time. His third album, Highways & Dance Halls was issued under the name Tyler England. It produced three singles in "Too Many Highways", "I Drove Her to Dallas" (which peaked at #53) and "I'd Rather Have Nothing." Also included on this album was a re-recording of "Should've Asked Her Faster", as well as the Bruce Robison song "Travelin' Soldier", which would later become a Number One hit in 2003 for the Dixie Chicks. He did not release another album until 2007's Alive and Well and Livin' the Dream, which included the non-charting singles "Redneck Anthem" and "The Perfect Girl."

You might find Ty on tour...he mostly plays fair, festivals, casinos & honky tonks. Here's his #3 hit "Should Asked Her Faster".