Emojis have become part of our mobile and digital communication. Smiley faces, sad faces, hearts, foods, and even 'poo' icons are included in our text messages and social media updates. What Wyoming specific emojis would you like to see become available?

Earlier this week, we had posted a Wyoming Math Quiz on social media.  We learned a few things from that quiz.
1.) Many Wyomingites have varying opinions on mathematical order of operations. (PEMDAS is still a thing, I think).
2.) Lots of people were more intrigued with the icons being used in the quiz than the quiz itself. BTW, can you solve this? 

Math Quiz Cropped PNG

It would be very cool if we had our very own Wyoming emojis to choose from when sending messages and posting updates.

The Jackalope Emoji:

It doesn't get much more Wyoming than the Jackalope. I would love to have this option on my phone and social media.

Jackalope Emoji 400

The Wyoming Flag Emoji:

So many flags are available in the emoji world. Why not ours? I'd be proud to post this. (I will admit, this one would be tough due to the small size of emojis)

Wyo Flag Emoji

Bucking Horse & Rider Emoji: (Steamboat)

If there was an image that was most iconic to Wyoming, this would be it. This would get used all the time!

Bucking Horse and Rider Emoji

Apparently, submission for your own emoji is not a simple process. You can propose an emoji, but nothing is guaranteed. However, maybe if we all yell loud enough are requests will be fulfilled. Click here to propose an emoji.

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