Over the years, there have been many Wyoming Cowboy football players that made their way into the NFL. They've won or played in Super Bowls, Pro Bowls and have made huge impacts on their teams.

There's one accolade that no Wyoming football player has ever received.

The coveted cover of the extremely popular Madden video game.

Former Wyoming Cowboy and now Buffalo Bill, Josh Allen, will be the first Cowboy to ever be on the cover of the 2024 edition of Madden.

When the announcement happened, the internet got busy. One fan even created a cover option that includes a tip of the hat to Josh's Wyoming Football days.

If you're a gamer, whether you like sports or not, you've probably played or at least know, Madden. The game was named after legendary NFL coach and sports commentator, John Madden. It features commentary from the colorful and descriptive coach, all throughout the game.

Versions of the game have ben out since the late 1980's and every year a new edition is released, with updated rosters and features.

One feature that changes every year, is the cover of the games case. Until 2001, John Madden was on the cover of the game. Sometimes there would be players featured in the background, but Madden was front and center. In 2001, players became front and center on the cover.

Madden Cover Farve

Over time, there have been over 130 million copies of Madden sold and 22 different players have been on the cover. Only Barry Sanders, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes have been featured multiple times.


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