If you're a parent, there are few things in life more valuable than a great playground for your kids. For my family, Crossroads Park has become our go-to Casper play place.

I have 4 kids here in Casper which range in age from 4 to 11. If there was such a thing as the kid special forces for playgrounds, my kids would be a part of it for sure. Of all the Casper parks they've played in, Crossroads (aka Castle Park) has become their favorite by a long shot.

Why? Here are a few reasons:

1. It has castles and slides

My kids love slides. Crossroads has some real great ones and a variety from big to small.

2. It's got tons of parking

This is not important to my kids, but my wife and I love the fact that there are practically dozens of places to park near the playground thanks to the nearby baseball field.

3. It's enclosed with fencing

If you have multiple kids, you know it can be a challenge to keep track of them all. The fact that there is a fence around all sides of Crossroads means that as long as I get them all in the front gate, I more or less know where they are. Parenting for the win.

4. It's got an excellent tot area

Casper has some great playgrounds and parks, but there are a few that really don't have any good areas for the really small kids. Crossroads has its own tot area. Nice.

5. It's not afraid to show its patriotism

Love the statue of the boy holding the American flag in front of the park. Love it.

6. Nearby walking trails are excellent

My wife and oldest daughter will sometimes leave me and the younger kids at the play area while they walk on the nice walking trails around Crossroads. Wait, that happens all the time.

If you're new to town, Crossroads Park is located at 1101 N Poplar Street in Casper where you can see the Casper Events Center on top of the hill.

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