While flying in and out of Wyoming, rarely do you find really long lines.  But as you travel to larger cities or if you fly to and from Denver, you should really look into getting TSA Pre.  I got it late last year and after my recent trip to Fort Lauderdale, FL. I am so glad I did.

TSA Pre is a paid service that allows people to skip the long security lines at some airports.  It's easy to qualify, just pass a pre-background check performed by the Transportation Security Administration and pay the fee ($85) which is good for 5 years.

The process is pretty simple as well.  Fill out a quick background check form and pay a fee of $85 that is non-refundable.  But once you get your approval, you can say goodbye to most of the tedious lines at airports across the country.  This makes traveling by air a little less of a hassle, and in some instances you get to skip the long lines all together.

One of the biggest benefits to getting TSA Pre is bypassing the standard screening lines and requirements. Click here for a list of FAQ's.

Taking shoes and jackets off, taking lap tops and other electronics out of bags and carry on luggage.  The taking your shoes off thing was always a pet peeve of mine and removing my electronics from my carry on, always left me worrying I'd lose something if I was in too much of a rush.

Having a TSA Pre Check on your boarding passes truly helps to expedite the entire TSA security screening process.

Check out the line as I approached the Security Screening area in Florida for my return trip home to Wyoming.

Rick Darcy, Townsquare Media

That line folds back on itself 4 times, before it reaches the TSA Agent.

Then I saw the TSA Pre Banner and knew I was about to be rewarded.

Rick Darcy, Townsquare Media

You can see the TSA Pre arrow to the right side of the photo.  That points the way to the TSA Pre express lane.

In the photo below, I am walking around the outer edge of he security screening crowd.

Man did it make me feel like a VIP and I had a huge smile on my face knowing I wouldn't have to wait in that long line!

Rick Darcy, Townsquare Media

I wanted to take more photos, but didn't want to upset any one with the TSA or Homeland Security, so I just grabbed a couple of quick pictures.  Next time I travel, I will ask permission to record video of my entire experience to help better show you the advantages of TSA Pre in getting through security.

Hope you enjoy your safe travels and would encourage you to check out getting TSA Pre!  For more info and requirements in getting TSA Pre for yourself, click the link below.

Source: TSA.gov