We're just beginning 2022 and we already have a Bull Elk vs Truck incident near Jackson, Wy. The driver of the truck was videoing a large elk standing in the middle of the road, when they slowly rolled up on the elk to get a better look.

Multiple commenters on the video in the Facebook Group Yellowstone National Park: Invasion of The Idiots identify the location being near Gros Ventre Pathway Bridge not far from Jackson.

The video is short and to the point, but definitely shows how dangerous these large animals can be. As the truck creeps closer to the elk, Mr. Elk feels like something is up and starts to back away from the truck. He looked like he was giving the truck a pass and allowing him to roll on by. It's at this point that the driver of the truck rolls down the window to get a more clear view.

It's at this point that the elk has had about enough of the truck, then the driver asks the elk if he wants to fight. You can almost see the elk answer that question with a slight nod (if you look closely, you can almost see a smile). I watched the video over and over and you can tell this isn't the elks first run in with a vehicle, he knew exactly where to strike to make the most damage. He ducks his head and puts his antler right into the trucks front driver side tire. You hear the air escape as the cameraman ends the video.

It's quite the thing to see and should remind you that these animals are large and really in charge. You should keep a good distance between you and the wildlife, even if you're in your truck.

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