The price to go camping in Natrona County will be a little higher this year because of a 7% lodging tax that was put in place on top of 5% sales tax. Not only will camping be affected, but shelter and dock rentals.

The increase isn't just in Natrona County, though. State of Wyoming statutes  39-15-101 and 39-15-201 call for a 5% tax to be added for all 'lodging' in the state and an additional 2% can be added on by local governments. With the state taking in 3% and Natrona County taking in the other 2% from the original 5% lodging tax and the extra 2% added on.

The base cost of camping in Natrona County is $10, add the 7% lodging and 5% sales taxes and you get a night of camping for $11.20. Of the added tax...State of Wyoming will get $.30 and Natrona County will pull in $.40 of the lodging tax.

When you look at other places in the state, $11.20 for a night of camping still isn't bad compared to other places in the state.

camping costs

Will and extra $1.20 deter you from spending time in Wyoming's great outdoors? Probably not, but some folks aren't happy about it. Many families choose to stay close to home for their annual family vacation due to the low budgets and high cost of travel.

When comparing a week of camping with a week staying in hotels, you're saving hundreds of dollars.

Camping in Natrona County isn't limited to Casper Mountain. Pathfinder and Alcova are also available for your enjoyment. In total, Natrona County offers over 150 campsites in the 3 different areas of the county.

Camping, hiking, fishing, swimming, boating, enjoying nature and spending time with your family outside is worth every dime.

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