Have you seen any shaggy dogs in the wind this week?

During Wyoming's stretches of windy weather, having long hair just gives you one more problem to deal with. Seeing a shaggy dog in the wind reminded me of the Wind Map I had seen recently.

This third week of February has brought the strongest winds of 2016 to Wyoming and in some cases record breaking winds. As a Wyomingite, we seem to get used to the constant locomotive-sounding wind rumbling outside while we're trying to sleep.

I think I found another tool to help all of us in the Cowboy State deal with our strong winds, turn them into something fun. The Wind Map does just that, it takes current information from the National Digital Forecast Database and turns it into a moving recreation of the jet stream.

The parts of the country with the strongest winds have the boldest white lines while the calm areas have only thin lines. Earlier this week, the Wyoming part of the map looked like a shaggy dog in the wind with all those thick white strands swirling in all different directions.

Hang on to your hats and watch out for flying debris like branches, small pets or children.