Honestly, we were horrified. We kept asking her if she was okay. She was really confused by what we meant by that.

It was an honest mistake. I mean, come on look at the photo, above. Doesn't she look like she was attacked by a bear? We hear about bear attacks in Wyoming all the time. It was a natural assumption.

When we find an actual victim of a bear attack in Wyoming, laying in the woods, moaning, bleeding, their clothes look just like that.

Then she informs us, in the most condescending tone imaginable, like only a girl from California can do, that her jeans are torn like that on purpose. In fact, she paid extra to get them that way.

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EXTRA? Really? I look at these pants and I think, "way past time to throw them out."

I won't wear pants like that because I don't want anyone to think I can't afford new clothes.


How do you get your pants on without your toes sticking in all those holes and strings?

Does it rip more if you put them in the wash?

On cold days don't you feel a few dozen drafts?

Did you go into the woods so you could get attacked by a bear in order to have your jeans look like that - or are you just a poser?

Curious about why people would walk around in damaged goods, I consulted the only true source and the sum of all human truth and knowledge: THE INTERNET!

Strangely, I found this video of a young lady who is showing everyone how to make her jeans look all ripped up and abused, on purpose.

Grizzly Bear

So let me get this straight; You would pay extra for ripped pants or you would buy perfectly good pants then take them home and rip them up? JUST SO YOU COULD LOOK LIKE YOU WERE ATTACKED BY A BEAR? 

I just don't understand kids today.

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