Bob Rule is best known in Wyoming as the owner of the radio station KPIN 101.1 FM in Pinedale, Wyoming.

His son, David Rule, seems to have some video editing skills, along with a few others.

In this very creative video, that you can watch below, you see David go through the process of building his own micro home.

Although, he does not have ANY building experience.

Yet what he creates is attractive, functional, practical, and fun.

attachment-David Rule YouTube 2

Micro homes have been a trend for quite some time now. They are an easy and affordable way to live (and altogether a lot of fun).

With today's inflation, a micro-home can save a person a ton of money.

Think of it this way; do you plan to hang out in your house all day or is home a place where you go to eat, shower and rest. But the rest of your life, your real life, is outside of the home.

That is the idea behind building little places like this.

No need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a permanent place. Much like mobile homes, micro homes can be moved around.

attachment-David Rule YouTube

If the builder is creative then they can be attractive too. Did I mention fun?

TRUE - Most people will graduate from a micro-home later in life. But for anyone who loves the lifestyle and wants to save money both on owning and on rent, this is the way to go.

You can have one of these places too. No experience is necessary. Just like David Rule in the video below, who built this home having never built anything like this in his life before. Yet look at the great job he did.

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